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13/02/1987 Written declaration Doc. 5699

No. 149 - Family reunion of migrant workers

13/02/1987 Written declaration Doc. 5691

No. 148 - Article 25 of the European Convention on Human Rights

30/01/1987 Written declaration Doc. 5700

No. 150 - Protection of the archaeological site of Pompeii

29/01/1987 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5698

Harmonisation of rules relating to autopsies

Author(s): Carl, Erik HOLST

28/01/1987 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5695

Common European strategy regarding AIDS

Author(s): Marcelo PALACIOS

28/01/1987 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5694

Concerted European tourist policy

Author(s): Miguel A. MARTÍNEZ

28/01/1987 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5693

Measures to reduce Europe's agricultural surpluses

Author(s): John CORRIE Arthur William of KINNOULL

28/01/1987 Written declaration Doc. 5690

No. 147 - Democracy and human rights in Turkey

28/01/1987 Parliamentary questions Doc. 5689

Statement by Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan

26/01/1987 Parliamentary questions Doc. 5684

Statement by Mr Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister of the French Republic