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12/05/1989 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6058

Council of Europe participation in European Tourism Year (1990)

Author(s): Sixtus LANNER

11/05/1989 Written declaration Doc. 6057

No. 187 - Setting up of a commission for democracy through law

11/05/1989 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6055

Educational research

Author(s): Rafael ROMAN

10/05/1989 Written declaration Doc. 6054

No. 186 - Disposal of solid waste in Gibraltar

10/05/1989 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6053

Public consultations about European unity

Author(s): Massimo PINI

10/05/1989 Motion for an Order Doc. 6051

Situation of the civilian population in Lebanon

Author(s): Michel FLÜCKIGER

09/05/1989 Written declaration Doc. 6050

No. 185 - Desertification in Southern Europe

05/05/1989 Information report Doc. 6045

Situation in the Middle East and the peace process

Author(s): Jean-Pierre FOURRÉ

27/04/1989 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6041

Celebration of 1992 as "European Year of Tolerance"

Author(s): Patrick POWER