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16/02/1990 Written declaration Doc. 6084

No. 188 - Human rights and the current situation in Iran

13/10/1989 Written declaration Doc. 6133

No. 191 - Assassination of Pavlos Bakogiannis

27/09/1989 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6134

Future of ocean fisheries and ocean fish resources

Author(s): Edward GARRETT

27/09/1989 Written declaration Doc. 6132

No. 192 - High risk installations near the Council of Europe

26/09/1989 Parliamentary questions Doc. 6131

Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr Turgut Özal

23/09/1989 Written declaration Doc. 6129

No. 190 - Resurgence in anti-Semitism in Europe

22/09/1989 Motion for an Order Doc. 6128

Return to democracy in Chile

Author(s): Jean-Pierre WORMS

21/09/1989 Reply to Written question Doc. 6125

To Written Question No. 309 on the European Court of Human Rights

21/09/1989 Reply to Written question Doc. 6124

To Written Question No. 308 on the European Commission of Human Rights