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02/02/1995 Written question Doc. 7233

No. 360 - Minority rights in Greece

Author(s): Abdullah GÜL

02/02/1995 Written question Doc. 7232

No. 359 - Minority rights in Greece

Author(s): Engin GÜNER

30/01/1995 Written declaration Doc. 7227

No. 234 - Raoul Wallenberg

30/01/1995 Addendum to the report Doc. 7205 II

Pan-European Programme for Inter-Parliamentary Co-operation

Author(s): Vincenzo LA RUSSA

23/01/1995 Motion for an Order Doc. 7218

Conditions of detention in Council of Europe member states

Author(s): Alexander DUNDEE

16/01/1995 Motion for a resolution Doc. 7222

Invasion of Chechnya

Author(s): Ülo LAANOJA