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27/09/1996 Motion for a resolution Doc. 7669

Respect for international humanitarian law in Europe

Author(s): Manuela AGUIAR

26/09/1996 Written declaration Doc. 7668

No. 250 - Situation in Cyprus

25/09/1996 Request for an opinion Doc. 7665

Draft European convention on nationality

24/09/1996 Motion for an Order Doc. 7663

Sexual exploitation of children

Author(s): Dirk Van der MAELEN

24/09/1996 Contribution Doc. 7662

Activities of OECD in 1995

Author(s): Lale AYTAMAN

23/09/1996 Contribution Doc. 7655

Activities of OECD in 1995

Author(s): Ioannis ANTHOPOULOS

23/09/1996 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 7650

Suppression of crimes against children

Author(s): Nicolas ABOUT Jacques LEGENDRE