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06/04/2000 Written declaration Doc. 8710

No. 302 - Assertion of the right to work in Europe

Author(s): Andreas GROSS

05/04/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8708

Future of Kosovo's political status

Author(s): Josette DURRIEU

05/04/2000 Request for an opinion Doc. 8702

Draft European Landscape Convention

04/04/2000 Parliamentary questions Doc. 8694

Parliamentary questions for oral answer

03/04/2000 Report Doc. 8693

Ad hoc Committee to observe the Russian presidential election (26 March 2000)

Author(s): Andreas GROSS Bureau of the Assembly

03/04/2000 Reply to Written question Doc. 8692

Case of Hakkar v. France

03/04/2000 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 8691

Conflict in Chechnya