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24/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 162

European defence

24/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 161

Institution of a European Broadcasting Programme

23/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 158

Declaration on Peace

23/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 156

Re-fashioning of European Organizations

23/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 155

Reform of the Statute

23/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 154

Specialised Authorities

23/11/1950 Motion for a resolution Doc. 153

Appointment of a Special Committee to draw up a European Constitution

Author(s): Carl von CAMPE

22/11/1950 Motion for a resolution Doc. 150

Creation of a European passport and the abolition of visas for young persons

Author(s): Karl MOMMER

21/11/1950 Conclusions Doc. 145

Social Problems of Youth

21/11/1950 Motion for a resolution Doc. 143

Amendment of the Statute of the Council of Europe

Author(s): R.W.G. MACKAY