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02/05/2006 Written declaration Doc. 10893

United against the threat of terrorism

Author(s): Murat MERCAN

02/05/2006 Written declaration Doc. 10886

Ending all forms of human trafficking

Author(s): Ruth-Gaby VERMOT-MANGOLD

12/04/2006 Motion for a resolution Doc. 10895

Prostitution – which stance to take?

Author(s): Minodora CLIVETI

11/04/2006 Motion for a resolution Doc. 10891

Co-operation between the Assembly and the Conference of INGOs

Author(s): Bill ETHERINGTON

11/04/2006 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10888

Protecting the Danube Delta

Author(s): Cezar Florin PREDA

11/04/2006 Parliamentary questions Doc. 10883

Parliamentary questions for oral answer

10/04/2006 Written declaration Doc. 10884

50th Anniversary of Poznanian June Uprising 1956

Author(s): Jan Filip LIBICKI

10/04/2006 Written question Doc. 10880

Conditions of detention for Mr Ocalan

Author(s): John AUSTIN