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29/04/1960 Written question Doc. 1149

No. 073 - Work of the Committee of Experts on Patents

Author(s): Gunnar HECKSCHER

29/04/1960 Written question Doc. 1148

No. 072 - London daily newpapers to be on sale in Strasbourg

Author(s): Ronald RUSSELL

28/04/1960 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1147

Space research

Author(s): David PRICE

27/04/1960 Motion for an Order Doc. 1146

Report on the reorganisation of OEEC

Author(s): Frederik MULLEY Natale SANTERO Gunnar HECKSCHER

26/04/1960 Parliamentary questions Doc. 1142

Adressed to the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers

26/04/1960 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1140

Ratification of the European Conventions

Author(s): Hermod LANNUNG

26/04/1960 Parliamentary questions Doc. 1139

Sixth Report of the European Conference of Minsiters of Transports

25/04/1960 Report Doc. 1118

European cooperation in 1959