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27/09/1961 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1373

cooperation with newly developing countries

Author(s): Etienne de la VALLEE POUSSIN

27/09/1961 Written question Doc. 1369

No. 096 - First European Conference of Ministers of Justice

Author(s): Jean ALBERT-SOREL

27/09/1961 Written question Doc. 1368

No. 095 - Relating to Recommendation 195 on Penal Reform

Author(s): Jean ALBERT-SOREL

26/09/1961 Addendum to the report Doc. 1334 II

Revised draft Recommendatin on European cooperation

25/09/1961 Addendum to the report Doc. 1334 I

Draft Resolution on the German problem as a whole

23/09/1961 Motion for a resolution Doc. 1365


Author(s): Arthur HENDERSON