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04/10/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4244

No. 073 - Situation in Lebanon

04/10/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4243

300th anniversary of the Habeas Corpus Act in 1979

Author(s): Walther HOFER

04/10/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4242

cooperation in the Mediterranean region

Author(s): Joseph PH. SCIBERRAS

04/10/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4241

No. 072 - Situation in Lebanon

Author(s): Raymond FORNI

04/10/1978 Report on credentials Doc. 4240

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

03/10/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4239

Movement between the member states of the Council of Europe

Author(s): José Antonio OTERO MADRIGAL

03/10/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4238

Establishment of an international school in Strasbourg

Author(s): Guy BRASSEUR

02/10/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4237

Research on the forecasting of earthquakes

Author(s): Renato TREU

02/10/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4236

No. 071 - American Convention on Human Rights

02/10/1978 Parliamentary questions Doc. 4235

Discussion of the report on the activities of OECD in 1977

29/09/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4234

No. 070 - Human rights in Turkey

29/09/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4233

Nuclear medicine

Author(s): Karl REINHART

28/09/1978 Motion for an Order Doc. 4231

European action to prevent oil pollution of waters and coasts

Author(s): Charles HANIN

28/09/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4227

No. 069 - Respect of human rights in Iran