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01/10/1980 Written question Doc. 4633

No. 229 on religious persecution in Iran

Author(s): Jean MERCIER

01/10/1980 Written declaration Doc. 4631

No. 091 - Situation of the hostages in Iran

01/10/1980 Written declaration Doc. 4630

No. 090 - Armed conflict between Iran and Iraq

01/10/1980 Reply to Written question Doc. 4628

To Written Question No. 227 on frontier workers

01/10/1980 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4627

Adoption by the Council of Europe of an auxiliary international language

Author(s): Armando BACELAR

01/10/1980 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4626

Protection of animals

Author(s): Clause DEJARDIN

29/09/1980 Written declaration Doc. 4622

No. 088 - Persecutions in Iran

29/09/1980 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4620

Situation in Bolivia (General policy of the Council of Europe)

Author(s): Jacques BAUMEL