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26/04/2002 Recommendation Rec. 1559

Training of workers in the use of new technologies

25/04/2002 Recommendation Rec. 1558

Fisheries in Europe’s semi-land-locked seas

25/04/2002 Recommendation Rec. 1557

Legal situation of the Roma in Europe

25/04/2002 Resolution Res. 1283

Preservation and management of fish stocks

25/04/2002 Resolution Res. 1281

Situation in the Middle East

24/04/2002 Recommendation Rec. 1556

Religion and change in central and eastern Europe

24/04/2002 Recommendation Rec. 1555

Image of women in the media

24/04/2002 Recommendation Rec. 1554

Functioning of democratic institutions in Moldova

24/04/2002 Resolution Res. 1280

Functioning of democratic institutions in Moldova

23/04/2002 Resolution Res. 1279

The “new economy” and Europe

23/04/2002 Resolution Res. 1278

Russia’s law on religion