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02/02/1984 Written question Doc. 5181

No. 273 - Television advertising

Author(s): Juan de Dios RAMÍREZ PERY

02/02/1984 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5180

Privacy of sound and individual freedom of musical choice

Author(s): Jakob AANO

02/02/1984 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5179

Human rights movement in the USSR

Author(s): Gerhard REDDEMANN

02/02/1984 Written question Doc. 5178

No. 272 - Satellite and cable television

Author(s): Juan de Dios RAMÍREZ PERY

01/02/1984 Recommendation Rec. 978

Forestry in Europe and the world

01/02/1984 Recommendation Rec. 977

Air pollution and acid rain

30/01/1984 Parliamentary questions Doc. 5174

Statement by Mr Felipe Gonzalez, Prime Minister of Spain