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01/02/1985 Report on credentials Doc. 5360

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

01/02/1985 Recommendation Rec. 1006

Measures to combat the effects of air pollution

01/02/1985 Recommendation Rec. 1004

Future of co-operatives in Europe

31/01/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5367

Freedom of movement for Chilean expatriates


31/01/1985 Written declaration Doc. 5365

No. 123 - Abuse of human rights in Iran

31/01/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5363

Reduction of emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides

Author(s): Lennart PETTERSSON

31/01/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5362

Dialogue between Europe and Argentina on migration questions

Author(s): Franco FOSCHI

31/01/1985 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5358

Economic problems in countries with high emigration and immigration rates

Author(s): Massimo PINI

31/01/1985 Resolution Res. 838

Famine in Africa

30/01/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5357

Position of Council of Europe staff in regard to equality between the sexes

Author(s): Jean OEHLER

30/01/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5356

Right of the Baltic peoples to self-determination

Author(s): Claus JÄGER

30/01/1985 Written declaration Doc. 5355

No. 121 - Mr Frischenschlager Austrian Defence Minister