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09/05/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5407

Peace between Iran and Iraq

Author(s): Gerardo BIANCO

26/04/1985 Written question Doc. 5411

No. 283 - Compulsory visas for Turkish nationals

Author(s): Geoffrey FINSBERG

26/04/1985 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5409

Measures to promote rail traffic

Author(s): Hans HESELE

26/04/1985 Recommendation Rec. 1008

Women in politics

25/04/1985 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5408

European regional planning

Author(s): Anna-Maria Van der WERF-TERPSTRA

25/04/1985 Written question Doc. 5405

No. 281 - Refugees "in orbit"

Author(s): Clause DEJARDIN

25/04/1985 Recommendation Rec. 1007

Return of migrant workers to their country of origin

24/04/1985 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5406

European right of permanent residence for migrant workers

Author(s): Franco FOSCHI

24/04/1985 Committee Opinion Doc. 5404

Women in politics

Author(s): Heinz SCHWARZ Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

23/04/1985 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 5402

Declaring 1986 Anti-Racism and Anti-Xenophobia Year

Author(s): Clause DEJARDIN

23/04/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5401

International postal charges

Author(s): Peter SAGER

23/04/1985 Motion for a resolution Doc. 5400

Need for more effective combat against forest fires in Europe

Author(s): Narcís VÁZQUEZ

23/04/1985 Written declaration Doc. 5399

No. 127 - Turkish minority in Bulgaria

23/04/1985 Written declaration Doc. 5398

No. 126 - Case of Mr Alexander Bertelsen, imprisoned in Turkey

23/04/1985 Written declaration Doc. 5397

No. 125 - Victims of Nazism