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20/07/1992 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6647

Environmental consequences of uncontrolled population growth

Author(s): Anita PERSSON

08/07/1992 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6644

Situation of the German ethnic minority in the former Soviet Union

Author(s): Wilfried BÖHM

30/06/1992 Addendum to the report Doc. 6636

Bureau of the Assembly and the Standing Committee (4 May-30 June 1992)

Author(s): Michel FLÜCKIGER

30/06/1992 Recommendation Rec. 1188

Migratory flows in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland

30/06/1992 Resolution Res. 985

Situation of human rights in Turkey

30/06/1992 Resolution Res. 984

Crisis in the former Yugoslavia

30/06/1992 Order Doc. 478

Situation of human rights in Turkey

26/06/1992 Reply to Written question Doc. 6641

To Written Question No. 344 on the rights of minorities

Author(s): Leni ROBERT Committee of Ministers

26/06/1992 Request for an opinion Doc. 6640

Accession of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe