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04/11/1993 Recommendation Rec. 1227

Pollution of the seas

04/11/1993 Recommendation Rec. 1226

Improvement of Council of Europe staff careers

14/10/1993 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6944

Legitimacy of the institutions in Bulgaria

Author(s): Friedrich PROBST

01/10/1993 Recommendation Rec. 1225

Management, treatment, recycling and marketing of waste

30/09/1993 Written question Doc. 6947

No. 354 - Situation of the media in the former Yugoslavia

Author(s): Leni FISCHER

30/09/1993 Written declaration Doc. 6946

No. 230 - Kurdistan

30/09/1993 Resolution Res. 1014

Activities of OECD in 1992

29/09/1993 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6945

Continuing special guest status of Croatia

Author(s): Tim RATHBONE

29/09/1993 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6943

Conduct of Croatia in the Territories of the former Yugoslavia

Author(s): Giulio FERRARINI

29/09/1993 Addendum to the report Doc. 6931 II

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

29/09/1993 Recommendation Rec. 1222

Fight against racism, xenophobia and intolerance