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07/09/2004 Recommendation Rec. 1674

Challenges facing the European audiovisual sector

07/09/2004 Recommendation Rec. 1673

Counterfeiting: problems and solutions

07/09/2004 Recommendation Rec. 1670

Internet and the law

07/09/2004 Resolution Res. 1393

Parliaments and the knowledge society

07/09/2004 Resolution Res. 1392

Corporate ethics in Europe

03/08/2004 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10262

Situation of the Vojvodina Hungarians

Author(s): József GEDEI

30/07/2004 Reply to Written question Doc. 10260

Situation in maternity hospitals in Romania

30/07/2004 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10259

Future of democracy: strengthening democratic institutions

30/07/2004 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10257

Erosion of the Mediterranean coastline: implications for tourism

30/07/2004 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10256

The promotion of art history in Europe

30/07/2004 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10255

Council of Europe contribution to the higher education area