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12/09/2005 Election observation report Doc. 10664

Observation of the parliamentary elections in Albania (3 July 2005)

Author(s): Jerzy SMORAWIŃSKI Bureau of the Assembly

12/09/2005 Election observation report Doc. 10663

Observation of the Parliamentary Elections in Bulgaria (25 June 2005)

Author(s): Gülsün BİLGEHAN Alexander FOMENKO Igor CHERNYSHENKO Bureau of the Assembly

01/09/2005 Recommendation Rec. 1717

Education for leisure activities

01/09/2005 Recommendation Rec. 1716

Promoting a United Nations 5th World Conference on Women

01/09/2005 Resolution Res. 1461

The Curonian Spit, oil and the environment

23/08/2005 Report on credentials Doc. 10657

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

26/07/2005 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10651

Implementation of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

26/07/2005 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 10650

European Migration Observatory/Agency

08/07/2005 Written declaration Doc. 10613

No. 366 - Srebrenica

Author(s): Sead AVDIĆ

05/07/2005 Motion for a resolution Doc. 10641

Protection of human rights in emergency situations

Author(s): Renate WOHLWEND

05/07/2005 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10640

Legal recognition of same-sex partnerships in Europe

Author(s): Erik JURGENS

05/07/2005 Written question Doc. 10637

No. 474 - Forced evictions of Roma in Greece

Author(s): Boriss CILEVIČS

04/07/2005 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10636

Possibilities of cooperation between the Council of Europe and Lebanon

Author(s): Jonas ČEKUOLIS