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Session: "2006 - March Standing Committee (Paris, FR)" Delete

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17/03/2006 Recommendation Rec. 1739

Gender budgeting

17/03/2006 Recommendation Rec. 1736

Need for international condemnation of the Franco regime

17/03/2006 Resolution Res. 1488

Regrouping land in central and eastern Europe

17/03/2006 Resolution Res. 1487

The future and regeneration of coalfields in Europe

15/03/2006 Report on credentials Doc. 10843

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

21/02/2006 Written question Doc. 10841

Human rights violations in the Chechen Republic

Author(s): Erik JURGENS

08/02/2006 Motion for a resolution Doc. 10839

With respect to the “Pasat case”

Author(s): Mike HANCOCK