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26/01/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1786

Towards responsible food consumption

25/01/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11162

Condemnation of the most recent fatal outrage of the terrorist group ETA

Author(s): Pedro AGRAMUNT several Assembly members

25/01/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11161

Condemning the revisionist statements of the Iranian President

Author(s): Charles GOERENS

25/01/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11160

The role of Azerbaijan in ensuring energy security of Europe

Author(s): Samad SEYIDOV

25/01/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1784

HIV/AIDS in Europe

25/01/2007 Resolution Res. 1538

Honouring of obligations and commitments by Albania

25/01/2007 Resolution Res. 1536

HIV/AIDS in Europe

24/01/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1781

Agriculture and illegal employment in Europe

24/01/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1780

Current situation in Kosovo

24/01/2007 Resolution Res. 1533

Current situation in Kosovo