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20/04/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11265

Iran / Europe

Author(s): Marc REYMANN several Assembly members

20/04/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1794

The quality of medicines in Europe

19/04/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11264

The infringement of the dignity of the victims of German Nazi concentration camps by some Russian media

Author(s): Karol KARSKI several Assembly members

19/04/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11263

Human rights situation in Srebrenica

Author(s): Azra HADŽIAHMETOVIĆ several Assembly members

19/04/2007 Resolution Res. 1550

Situation in the Middle East

19/04/2007 Resolution Res. 1549

Functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine

18/04/2007 Written question Doc. 11258

Falun Gong practitioner expelled from Russia

Author(s): Göran LINDBLAD

18/04/2007 Written declaration Doc. 11257

Solemn tribute to the “Righteous” of Europe

Author(s): Bernard SCHREINER several Assembly members

18/04/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1791

State of human rights and democracy in Europe

18/04/2007 Resolution Res. 1548

Progress of the Assembly's monitoring procedure

18/04/2007 Resolution Res. 1547

State of human rights and democracy in Europe