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Session: "2007 - May Standing Committee (Belgrade, RS)" Delete

Result(s) 1 to 20 of 41

24/05/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1798

Respect for the principle of gender equality in civil law

24/05/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1796

The situation of elderly persons in Europe

24/05/2007 Recommendation Rec. 1795

Monitoring of commitments concerning social rights

24/05/2007 Resolution Res. 1554

Conflict of interest

23/05/2007 Report on credentials Doc. 11287

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

14/05/2007 Written question Doc. 11283

Ban on a Chisinau demonstration by homosexuals

Author(s): Tina ACKETOFT

04/05/2007 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 11282

Preventing forest fires

25/04/2007 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 11275

The situation of Ingush internally displaced persons in North Ossetia

Author(s): Boriss CILEVIČS

24/04/2007 Motion for a resolution Doc. 11272

Copyright in Europe

Author(s): Kurt BODEWIG

24/04/2007 Motion for a resolution Doc. 11271

The state of health of Mr Abdullah Ocalan