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18/01/1962 Order Doc. 197

Surplus Food Utilisation Project

18/01/1962 Resolution Res. 220

European economic relations

17/01/1962 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1402

Protection of private forign investments

Author(s): Robert MATHEW

17/01/1962 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1401

European technical assistance to Africal in the legal field

Author(s): Hermod LANNUNG

17/01/1962 Motion for an Order Doc. 1398

Surplus Food Utilisation Project of FAO


17/01/1962 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1397

Protection of centres containing monuments of acknowledged European importance

Author(s): O. Bjorn KRAFT

16/01/1962 Report on credentials Doc. 1394

Examination of credentials

Author(s): Robert ABDESSELAM (Former) Credentials Committee

16/01/1962 Parliamentary questions Doc. 1389

Addressed to the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers