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24/09/1963 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1674

World organisation of agricultural markets

Author(s): Robert HAURET

24/09/1963 Written question Doc. 1672

No. 107 - Creation of a European University at Florence

Author(s): Peter KIRK

24/09/1963 Resolution Res. 264

General policy of the Council of Europe

24/09/1963 Order Doc. 224

Atlantic partnership

23/09/1963 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 1670

European agricultural problems

Author(s): Robert HAURET

23/09/1963 Motion for an Order Doc. 1668

Atlantic partnership

Author(s): Paul STRUYE O. Bjorn KRAFT Gunnar HECKSCHER

23/09/1963 Recommendation Rec. 375

Abolition of visas for refugees

23/09/1963 Resolution Res. 263

European fisheries

21/09/1963 Motion for an Order Doc. 1667

Political situation in Cyprus

Author(s): Adolfus MOLTER Gunnar HECKSCHER

21/09/1963 Resolution Res. 262

Economic situation in Cyprus

21/09/1963 Order Doc. 222

Present situation in the Baltic States

20/09/1963 Recommendation Rec. 374

Work of the ad hoc committee on legal co-operation