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08/12/1951 Recommendation Rec. 16

The preparatory measures to be taken to achieve the conclusion of a European Convention on Extradition

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

15/05/1951 Recommendation Rec. 5

Common Policy of Full Employment

15/05/1951 Recommendation Rec. 4

Progress Report of the O.E.E.C.

14/05/1951 Request for inclusion in the Agenda of the Session Doc. 48

Elimination of Customs Barriers and Trade Restrictions in Europe; Creation of a European Monetary System

Author(s): R.W.G. MACKAY

14/05/1951 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 47

Exchange Control

Author(s): R.W.G. MACKAY

14/05/1951 Resolution Res. 3

Measures of Assistance to Refugees