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11/12/1951 Request for inclusion in the Agenda of the Session Doc. 112

Aims and Prospects of European Policy within the framework of the Council of Europe

Author(s): Giuseppe CHIOSTERGI

11/12/1951 Recommendation Rec. 23

Draft new Statute of the Council of Europe

11/12/1951 Recommendation Rec. 22

Establishment of a single European jurisdiction

10/12/1951 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 109

Establishment of a European Army

Author(s): Stmatios MERCOURIS

10/12/1951 Recommendation Rec. 21

Prospects of a European Policy

08/12/1951 Recommendation Rec. 20

Institution of a "Council of Europe Prize"

08/12/1951 Recommendation Rec. 17

Creation of a European Fund for Exiles