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28/09/1967 Motion for an Order Doc. 2299

Notification of the names of members of the Assembly

Author(s): Karl CZERNETZ

28/09/1967 Recommendation Rec. 504

Political, social and civic position of women in Europe

28/09/1967 Recommendation Rec. 503

Social tourism

28/09/1967 Opinion Opinion 48

Budget of the Council of Europe for 1968

27/09/1967 Motion for a resolution Doc. 2298

Distribution of documents to Representatives and Substitutes

Author(s): Rafton POUNDER

27/09/1967 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 2297

Situation of the refugees in the Middle East

Author(s): Nicolas MARGUE

27/09/1967 Report Doc. 2273

Function and future of the Council of Europe

Author(s): Klaus-Peter SCHULZ

27/09/1967 Recommendation Rec. 501

General development of the situation in Latin America

27/09/1967 Resolution Res. 353

Enlargement of the European communities

26/09/1967 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 2295

Problem of urban traffic

Author(s): Josef REICHL

26/09/1967 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 2294

Birth control

Author(s): Giancarlo MATTEOTTI