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23/04/1970 Resolution Res. 447

European economic problems

23/04/1970 Order Doc. 306

Eurodollar market

22/04/1970 Written declaration Doc. 2766

No. 001 - Political prisoners in Greece

22/04/1970 Motion for a resolution Doc. 2765

Extraordinary sessions of the Assembly outside Strasbourg

Author(s): Karl CZERNETZ

22/04/1970 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 2764

European solidartity in the face of natural disasters

Author(s): Donald CHAPMAN

22/04/1970 Motion for an Order Doc. 2762

Eurodollar market

Author(s): Giuseppe VEDOVATO

22/04/1970 Parliamentary questions Doc. 2761

Eleventh activity report of the European Nuclear Energy Agency (1969)

21/04/1970 Parliamentary questions Doc. 2760

Communication on the activities of the Committee of Ministers

21/04/1970 Motion for a resolution Doc. 2759

Voting in committees

Author(s): Karl CZERNETZ

21/04/1970 Recommendation Rec. 603

European Conservation Conference

20/04/1970 Recommendation Rec. 602

Position of Greek refugees