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24/10/1972 Written declaration Doc. 3197

No. 018 - Situation of the Jewish community in the Soviet Union

24/10/1972 Recommendation Rec. 688

Future role of the Council of Europe

24/10/1972 Recommendation Rec. 687

Carriage of dangerous goods at sea

24/10/1972 Recommendation Rec. 686

Improvement of the medical care of hospital patients

23/10/1972 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3211

Status of migrant workers

Author(s): Kaj Åke BJÖRK

23/10/1972 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3208

Limits to growth

Author(s): Frederik PORTHEINE

23/10/1972 Recommendation Rec. 684

International terrorism

21/10/1972 Motion for an Order Doc. 3207

Suppression of and guaranteeing against unjustifiable discrimination

Author(s): Frank AIKEN

21/10/1972 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3206

Liability for damages caused to the environment

Author(s): Hellmut SIEGLERSCHMIDT

21/10/1972 Resolution Res. 534

Press concentrations

20/10/1972 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3205

Legal position of women

Author(s): William RYAN