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26/01/1973 Recommendation Rec. 699

Environmental policy in Europe

25/01/1973 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3256

Regulations concerning food hygiene

Author(s): Joan VICKERS

25/01/1973 Recommendation Rec. 697

Limits to growth

25/01/1973 Order Doc. 334

Limits to growth

24/01/1973 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3254

Living conditions and protection of the environment in mountain regions

Author(s): Hanns Heinz BAUER

24/01/1973 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3252

Humanitarian law

Author(s): Percy GRIEVE

24/01/1973 Recommendation Rec. 696

Certain aspects of the acquisition of nationality

24/01/1973 Recommendation Rec. 695

Preparation for retirement

24/01/1973 Recommendation Rec. 692

East-West relations in Europe

24/01/1973 Order Doc. 333

European Symposium on Frontier Regions

24/01/1973 Order Doc. 332

East-West relations in Europe

23/01/1973 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3251

Situation in Turkey

Author(s): George DARLING