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25/01/1974 Recommendation Rec. 728

Establishment of a European Science Foundation

25/01/1974 Recommendation Rec. 727

Establishment of a European Space Agency

24/01/1974 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3402

Elaboration of a European code of porfessional ethics for the police

Author(s): Peter ARCHER

24/01/1974 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3401

European Declaration on the rights of the sick

Author(s): Peter ARCHER

24/01/1974 Written declaration Doc. 3400

No. 028 - Drought in some provinces of Ethiopia

23/01/1974 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3397

Situation in Spain

Author(s): Per AHLMARK

22/01/1974 Recommendation Rec. 725

European Civil Service