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25/04/1975 Written declaration Doc. 3611

No. 036 - Situation of the Kurds

25/04/1975 Resolution Res. 594

Situation in the Middle East

25/04/1975 Resolution Res. 593

Situation in Portugal

25/04/1975 Order Doc. 351

Action against terrorism

24/04/1975 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3616

Staff regulations of the Council of Europe

Author(s): J.J. VOOGD

24/04/1975 Recommendation Rec. 760

Limits to growth and social values

24/04/1975 Recommendation Rec. 759

Situation in Cyprus

24/04/1975 Resolution Res. 592

Economic consequences of "the limits to growth"

23/04/1975 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3615

Protection of workers agaist the effects of unemployment

Author(s): Didier WYLER

22/04/1975 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3613

Relations between the Council of Europe and the north American states

Author(s): Giuseppe VEDOVATO

22/04/1975 Recommendation Rec. 758

Group participation by young people

22/04/1975 Resolution Res. 590

Group participation by young people

21/04/1975 Parliamentary questions Doc. 3610

Relations between Europe and south-east Asia