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27/01/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4119

No. 065 - Peace negotiations in the Middle East

27/01/1978 Recommendation Rec. 829

Human rights in the world (general policy of the CE)

26/01/1978 Written question Doc. 4118

No. 207 - Consumer protection and adequate after-sales service

Author(s): Stig ALEMYR

26/01/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4116

No. 064 - Council of Europe and the situation in the Middle East

26/01/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4113

Situation in the Middle East

Author(s): Andrew FAULDS

26/01/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4100

Election of Chairmen of committees

Author(s): John RODGERS

26/01/1978 Report Doc. 4099

Human rights in the world

26/01/1978 Opinion Opinion 87

Draft European convention on firearms

25/01/1978 Report on credentials Doc. 4114

Examiniation of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

25/01/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4111

Statutory limitation of war crimes and crimes against humanity

Author(s): P.R. STOFFELEN

24/01/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4109

Protection of wildlife during the breeding season

Author(s): Nils WÅÅG