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28/04/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4173

Research concerning DNA hybrids (manipulation of genes)

Author(s): Kurt Ingemar HUGOSSON

28/04/1978 Recommendation Rec. 834

Threats to the freedom of the press and television

27/04/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4171

No. 067 - Struggle against fascism and national-socialism

27/04/1978 Written declaration Doc. 4170

No. 066 - Punic warship off Cape San Teodoro

27/04/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4169

Invasion of Southern Lebanon

Author(s): Andrew FAULDS

27/04/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4167

Maltreatment of children

Author(s): Haldis HAVROY

27/04/1978 Resolution Res. 673

Situation in Cyprus

26/04/1978 Written question Doc. 4168

No. 209 - Risk of oil pollution of the sea

Author(s): Jean VALLEIX

26/04/1978 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4165

Situation of persons who have disappeared for political reasons in Chile

Author(s): Lucien PIGNION

25/04/1978 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4164

Introduction of advance payments by the state against maintenance obligations

Author(s): Karl REINHART