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02/02/1979 Written declaration Doc. 4261

No. 076 - Nicaraguan refugees

01/02/1979 Resolution Res. 688

Future debate on the situation in the Middle East

31/01/1979 Motion for an Order Doc. 4293

Social protection of the self-employed

Author(s): Alexandra MANTZOULINOU

31/01/1979 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4292

Institutions of a Council of Europe Energy Award

Author(s): Robert BANKS

31/01/1979 Written declaration Doc. 4290

No. 077 - Situation of the Jews in Syria

31/01/1979 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4289

Situation of political prisoners and missing persons in Uruguay

Author(s): Lucien PIGNION

31/01/1979 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4288

Situation in Iran

Author(s): Lucien PIGNION

31/01/1979 Recommendation Rec. 852

Terrorism in Europe

31/01/1979 Order Doc. 376

Terrorism in Europe

30/01/1979 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4287

Problem of long-range transbondary air pollution

Author(s): Odd LIEN

30/01/1979 Parliamentary questions Doc. 4286

Statement by Mr Adolfo Suarez, Head of Government of Spain

30/01/1979 Recommendation Rec. 851

Environment policy in Europe in 1977-78

30/01/1979 Recommendation Rec. 850

European cultural co-operation