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15/05/1981 Written declaration Doc. 4735

No. 096 - Raoul Wallenberg

15/05/1981 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4734

Refugees in the Sudan

Author(s): Wilfried BÖHM

15/05/1981 Recommendation Rec. 920

Transmission of Assembly members' credentials

15/05/1981 Resolution Res. 751

Refugees from El Salvador

14/05/1981 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4733

Baha'is in Iran

Author(s): John van WATERSCHOOT

14/05/1981 Written declaration Doc. 4731

No. 094 - Irish nursing sisters

14/05/1981 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4730

Torture in Council of Europe member states

Author(s): Claus JÄGER

14/05/1981 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4729

Need to repatriate Greek political refugees currently living abroad

Author(s): Amalia FLEMING

14/05/1981 Order Doc. 397

Situation in Turkey

13/05/1981 Motion for an Order Doc. 4727

Term of office of the Turkish parliamentary delegation

Author(s): Gerard BATLINER

13/05/1981 Written question Doc. 4726

No. 241 - Conscientious objection in Greece

Author(s): Gilbert SÉNÈS

13/05/1981 Motion for an Order Doc. 4723

Situation in Turkey

Author(s): Ludwig STEINER