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29/01/1982 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4857

Police and private security services

Author(s): Nicolas MARGUE

29/01/1982 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4855

Disposal of high-level and/or long-life radioactive waste

Author(s): Maurice MILLER

29/01/1982 Report on credentials Doc. 4851

Examination of credentials of Representatives and Substitutes

29/01/1982 Resolution Res. 768

Persecution in Iran

29/01/1982 Resolution Res. 767

Channel tunnel project

28/01/1982 Motion for a resolution Doc. 4854

Practical aid to Poland

Author(s): Tom URWIN

28/01/1982 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4853

Protection of ethnic minorities and groups in the Soviet Union

Author(s): Claus JÄGER

28/01/1982 Written declaration Doc. 4852

No. 098 - Commemoration of 21 March 1982 as Afghanistan Day

28/01/1982 Recommendation Rec. 936

Situation in Turkey

28/01/1982 Resolution Res. 765

Situation in Turkey

28/01/1982 Order Doc. 406

Situation in Turkey

27/01/1982 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 4850

Right not to be compelled to join an association or a trade union

Author(s): Björn ELMQUIST Erik NINN-HANSEN

27/01/1982 Recommendation Rec. 935

Revival of disadvantaged rural areas

27/01/1982 Resolution Res. 764

Entry into farming in Europe

27/01/1982 Order Doc. 405

Polish refugees