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06/12/2016 Written question Doc. 14214

The production of foie gras

Author(s): Dirk Van der MAELEN

02/12/2016 Reply to Written question Doc. 14211

Demining in Ukraine

23/11/2016 Written question Doc. 14209

House arrest of the Russian librarian, Ms Natalya Sharina

Author(s): Michael Aastrup JENSEN

23/11/2016 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 14207

Culture and democracy

16/11/2016 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 14200

Transparency and openness in European institutions

16/11/2016 Reply to Written question Doc. 14198

The production of foie gras

02/11/2016 Written question Doc. 14195

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova

Author(s): Andrei NEGUTA