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21/09/1991 Resolution Res. 970

Situation in Albania

21/09/1991 Resolution Res. 969

Crisis in Yugoslavia

20/09/1991 Motion for a resolution Doc. 6508

Technological risks and society

Author(s): Fulvio CACCIA

20/09/1991 Motion for an Order Doc. 6507

Populations displaced by the crisis in Yugoslavia

Author(s): Alfons CUCÓ GINER

20/09/1991 Request for an opinion Doc. 6506

Accession of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the Council of Europe

19/09/1991 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 6505

Children of Chernobyl

Author(s): David ATKINSON

19/09/1991 Recommendation Rec. 1161

Crisis in the Soviet Union

19/09/1991 Order Doc. 464

New sovereign republics in Eastern Europe