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21/06/1994 Motion for a resolution Doc. 7107

Abuse and neglect of children

Author(s): Austin DEASY

13/06/1994 Communication Doc. 7105

Declaration on the Crimea

13/06/1994 Motion for a resolution Doc. 7104

Control of internal security services in Europe

Author(s): P.R. STOFFELEN

01/06/1994 Report Doc. 7098

Annual report (1993)

31/05/1994 Addendum to the report Doc. 7080 IV

Honouring of commitments entered into by new member states - Estonia

Author(s): József BRATINKA

31/05/1994 Election observation report Doc. 7080 II

Information report on the parliamentary elections in Moldova (27/02/94)

Author(s): Giulio FERRARINI

30/05/1994 Report Doc. 7093

Annual report (1993)

30/05/1994 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 7092

Social sciences and the challenge of transition

Author(s): Pedro ROSETA