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08/07/1955 Motion for a resolution Doc. 386

Help to the victims of the Greek earthquake disasters

Author(s): James I.A. DICKSON

08/07/1955 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 383

Reduction of customs tariffs

08/07/1955 Communication Doc. 380

Appointment of the Deputy Secretary-General

07/07/1955 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 381

Report of the Organisation for European Economic cooperation

Author(s): René CHARPENTIER

07/07/1955 Motion for an Order Doc. 378

Possible extension of the Council of Europe

Author(s): François de MENTHON

07/07/1955 Recommendation Rec. 73

Duplication of work between European organisations

07/07/1955 Recommendation Rec. 72

European integration

07/07/1955 Opinion Opinion 15

Organisation of a "Europe Day"