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23/09/1998 Resolution Res. 1167

OECD and the world economy

22/09/1998 Recommendation Rec. 1381

General policy: Council of Europe and OSCE

22/09/1998 Recommendation Rec. 1380

Human rights of conscripts

22/09/1998 Resolution Res. 1166

Human rights of conscripts

21/09/1998 Motion for an Order Doc. 8201

Council of Europe and OSCE


21/09/1998 Contribution Doc. 8200

Activities of OECD in the field of the environment

Author(s): Felice Cario BESOSTRI

16/09/1998 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8198

Local committees to visit police stations


16/09/1998 Communication Doc. 8197

Renewal of the term of office of the Secretary General

14/09/1998 Reply to Written question Doc. 8193

To Written Question No. 377 - Fate of the “Manisa children” in Turkey