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27/06/2000 Recommendation Rec. 1466

Media education

26/06/2000 Progress report Doc. 8776

Progress report of the Bureau of the Assembly and the Standing Committee

Author(s): John BROWNE Bureau of the Assembly Standing Committee

26/06/2000 Opinion Opinion 220

Draft European landscape convention 

22/06/2000 Statutory report Doc. 8754

Statutory report

20/06/2000 Motion for a resolution Doc. 8773

Protection of the human genome by the Council of Europe

Author(s): Valentino MARTELLI

16/06/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8772

State of the environment of the Baltic Sea

Author(s): Kaarina DROMBERG

13/06/2000 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 8770

Transfer of sentenced persons

Author(s): Thomas ENRIGHT

08/06/2000 Reply to Written question Doc. 8768

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

08/06/2000 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 8766

Football hooliganism: Reply to Recommendation 1434 (1999)