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25/04/2001 Recommendation Rec. 1509

Human rights and rule of law in Kosovo

25/04/2001 Recommendation Rec. 1508

Situation in Kosovo and the neighbouring regions

25/04/2001 Order Doc. 572

Human rights and rule of law in Kosovo

24/04/2001 Parliamentary questions Doc. 9061

Parliamentary questions for oral answer

24/04/2001 Committee Opinion Doc. 9060

Middle East conflict

Author(s): Eduard LINTNER Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

24/04/2001 Opinion Opinion 226

Draft Convention on Cyber-crime

23/04/2001 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 9052

Europe, a continental project

23/04/2001 Progress report Doc. 9036

Progress report of the Bureau and the Standing Committee

Author(s): Uluç GÜRKAN