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05/10/2004 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10316

Education in the Transdniestrian region of the Republic of Moldova

Author(s): Vlad CUBREACOV

05/10/2004 Contribution Doc. 10315

The OECD and the world economy

Author(s): Jacques LEGENDRE

05/10/2004 Motion for a resolution Doc. 10314

Situation of Fenno-Ugric and Samoyed peoples

Author(s): Katrin SAKS

05/10/2004 Written declaration Doc. 10313

No. 357 - The humanitarian situation in Sudan

Author(s): Tadeusz IWIŃSKI

05/10/2004 Recommendation Rec. 1676

Women’s participation in elections

04/10/2004 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 10307

HIV/AIDS in Europe

Author(s): Dirk DEES

04/10/2004 Election observation report Doc. 10306

Ad hoc Committee to observe parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan (19 september 2004)

Author(s): Tana de ZULUETA Bureau of the Assembly

04/10/2004 Parliamentary questions Doc. 10305

Parliamentary questions for oral answer