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20/02/2007 Written question Doc. 11187

In the aftermath of Hrant Dink’s murder

Author(s): Göran LINDBLAD

20/02/2007 Written question Doc. 11186

Monitoring protection of rape victims

Author(s): Marietta de POURBAIX-LUNDIN

14/02/2007 Written question Doc. 11185

False identification

Author(s): Göran LINDBLAD

12/02/2007 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 11184

Parliaments united in combating domestic violence against women

02/02/2007 Reply to Written question Doc. 11175

Ban on a Moscow demonstration by homosexuals

31/01/2007 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 11169

The activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Author(s): Mike HANCOCK

31/01/2007 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 11168

The protracted conflicts in the GUAM Countries

Author(s): Samad SEYIDOV

30/01/2007 Motion for a resolution Doc. 11167

Towards sustainable development in the building sector

Author(s): Leo PLATVOET

30/01/2007 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 11166

Georgian migrants in Russia

Author(s): Ruth-Gaby VERMOT-MANGOLD

25/01/2007 Motion for a resolution Doc. 11159

The European sport model: need of preservation

Author(s): José Luís ARNAUT