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Session: "1973 - 25th Session - Second part" Delete

Result(s) 21 to 40 of 87

27/09/1973 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3350

Uniform telephone number in all member States for emergency calls

Author(s): Peter BÜCHNER

27/09/1973 Written question Doc. 3349

No. 158 - Protection of the human rights of gypsies

Author(s): Daniel WIKLUND

27/09/1973 Written question Doc. 3348

No. 157 - Abuse of medicaments

Author(s): Daniel WIKLUND

27/09/1973 Recommendation Rec. 714

Current development in international humanitarian law

27/09/1973 Recommendation Rec. 713

Law of the sea

27/09/1973 Order Doc. 339

Law of the sea

26/09/1973 Opinion Opinion 64

Application of the European Social Charter

25/09/1973 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3344

Military coup d'état in Chile

Author(s): Karl CZERNETZ