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25/01/1975 Recommendation Rec. 753

Liability for damage caused to the environment

25/01/1975 Recommendation Rec. 752

Environment policy in Europe

24/01/1975 Motion for an Order Doc. 3570

10th Session of the European Conference of Local Authorities

Author(s): Pierre WEBER

24/01/1975 Motion for a recommendation Doc. 3569

Technical and vocational education

Author(s): Karl REINHART

24/01/1975 Written question Doc. 3568

No. 170 - International terrorism

Author(s): Frederik PIKET

24/01/1975 Written question Doc. 3567

No. 169 - European Civil Service

Author(s): John PAGE

24/01/1975 Recommendation Rec. 750

Conservation of Europe's architectural heritage

24/01/1975 Order Doc. 348

Equal rights of men and women

23/01/1975 Motion for a resolution Doc. 3563

New arrengment of the seating of Representatives in the hemicycle

Author(s): John F. H. ROPER

23/01/1975 Written declaration Doc. 3561

No. 031 - Construction of a Channel Tunnel